Sedae Gaate - Santhali Album, Santhali Songs, Santhali MP3

               Sedae Gaate - Santali Album Mp3
Description: The Sedae Gaate is Santali album which was released in the year on 2010 ,its a traditional santali album but songs there are not completely traditional. This album contains simple music beat with traditional instruments. Music part of this album is really good where traditional flute has taken the main role of playing soul of this song in background. Tumda tamak also beats simple with playing flute to fill in. If you like to listen soft Santali music with playing flute to fill in , you can listen the songs in this album also you can download them.

Writer : N/A
Music : N/A
Singer : N/A
Artist : N/A
Year of Publication : N/A
Publishing House : N/A

  • Ae Hopon Budi
  • Amdo Tiriyo Orong
  • Baay Tahenna
  • Inj Nyutum
  • Kisar Hopon Era
  • Mone Tinj
  • Peda Budi
  • Rupa Rupa

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