Road Rani Chok Mok - Santhali Album Mp3

        Road Rani Chok Mok - Santali Album Mp3
road rani chok mok santali album cover

Description : Road Rani Chok Mok is a Santali album which was released in 2010, it was produced by Miru baha production, There are seven songs in this album , all the songs in this album are modern traditional. They are not completely traditional thus those who love listen to traditional might disappoint from this album, although if we talk about composition of songs is quite nice and those enjoy to listen modern traditional songs this album will be going a right choice for them, you can listen this song by clicking on the link provided below. we are sorry for not having any more information about the album.

Writer : Stephen
Music : Manav, Firoz
Singer : Sawan, Masang, Monica,Ganga, Meghnath, Sushma
Artist : Mohini, Indrajit, Satish, Sahadeo
Year of Publication : 2006
Publishing Year : Roop Cassettes