Okoy Hirla - Santhali Album, Santhali Songs, Santhali MP3

                     Okoy Hirla - Santali Album Mp3
Okoy Hirla Santali album cover

Description : 'Okoy Hirla' is santali short film whose songs are provided below, it was released in year of 2006 and was produced by 'Gold Disc'. The songs composition is very nice, some are traditional. It was written by Charles Tudu . The songs in film were sung by Lukas Tudu,Teresa Marandi,Alias Tudu, Sriphul Marandi, Theophil Hembrom,Urmila Kisku .This film was directed by Ratan Maitra. You can listen or download them.

Writer : Charles Tudu,
Music : Charles Tudu,
Singer : Teresa Marandi, Lucas Tudu, Sawan, Urmila Kisku.
Artist :  Minu Hembram, Francis  Tudu, Dipti Majumdar.
Year of Publication : 2006
Publishing House : Gold Disc

  • Abon dobon santhal hopon
  • Ale do
  • Amah sibil rod ajom te
  • Hey Chando
  • Inj do chalaw
  • Injdo
  • Nadi sakam
  • Seday dular saha

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