Jiwi Lawg Kana - Santhali Album, Santhali Songs, Santhali MP3

                            Jiwi Lawg Kana - Santali Album Mp3
jiwi lo kana santali album cover

Description : Jiwi Lo kana is a Santali Film whose songs are provided here, which was released in 2007 from Baripada. It was produced by 'OMM video' and music is composed by Bachchu Mukherjee. Ashok and Pinky has sung songs in this album. Story was written by Indubhushan and script.dialogue were by Dilip and Nimain. You can listen and download this song by clicking on the link provided below .

Writer : Indubhusan
Music : Bachchu Mukherjee
Singer : Ashok, Pinky
Artist : Dasrath, Santi, Pooja, Braja
Year of Publication : 2009
Publishing House : OMM video.

  • Gaate Re I Love You
  • Hape Se Alo Se
  • Jiwi Ma

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