Ego Peda Kudi - Santhali Album, Santhali Songs, Santhali MP3

                       Ego Peda Kudi - Santali Album Mp3

Description : Ego Peda kudi is a Santali album which was released in 2010. It was produced by Miru Baha Production . There are  7 songs in this album which are modern traditional, and the composition of music is quite average. If you like to listen songs which comprise with traditional music and modern instruments this album can come across your need. All these 7 songs are different from each other, which means you get various type of songs in one album. You can listen this song and also you can store them to your digital media by downloading them on link given below.

Writer : N/A
Music : N/A
Singer : N/A
Artist : N/A
Year of Publication : N/A
Publishing House : N/A

  • Alom se joted injya
  • Ape njel te
  • Ego peda kudi okare chong
  • Ego peda kudi
  • Injya mone re amge
  • Okam chalaw peda budi
  • Rup do tahen

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