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                           Chamak Rach- Santali Album Mp3

Chamak Rach santali album cover

Description: Chamak Rach is Santali Album which was released in 2009. This album was produced by Choice. There are 9 songs in this album. It was directed by Ujjawal Sarkar and Sushmita Ranijee.
Jewan Murmu and Sefali Hembrom has sung song in this album .You can listen and download this song by  just clicking on the below link. The songs are 128kbps

Writer : N/A
Music : N/A
Singer : Jiwan Murmu, Sefali Hembrom.
Artist :  N/A
Year of Publication : 2009 .
Publishing House : Choice .

  • Amdo Botor.mp3
  • Dulariya Dular.mp3
  • Gada Mudu.mp3
  • Hape Alom.mp3
  • Jiwi Juri.mp3
  • Kisar Hopon Era.mp3
  • Koda Hopon.mp3
  • Mone Mone.mp3
  • Monem.mp3

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