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Dong Serenj - Santhali songs

Description: This page is dedicated for Dong serenj(Song), Dong serenj which is a traditional music and dance style also of Santals, specially 'Dong' is danced in occasion of Marriage. Dong songs is of two type, one which totally signifies the act,and some emotional but joyous words sang for bride and bridal in Santali marriage , and the second one is different from tradition and culture but the music, rhythm are same as in tradition Dong songs.

Here this page facilitate you to download the dongs songs in easiest way so that you can enjoy, organize this songs in digital store . All the links provided in this page are of our own digital store and is not taken from any other resource .

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  1. A Mita
  2. A Sangat Sari Ge Aal.
  3. Aam Ma Sisu Kora
  4. Aape Tola Remo
  5. Ae Budi Peda Budi
  6. Ae Dogor Na
  7. Ae Gulachi Sari Ge
  8. Ae Jhara Phuli Na
  9. Ae Gaate Gaate Na
  10. Ae Sangat Sari Ge
  11. Agering Kanako
  12. Amho Chetan Ghatre.
  13. Apetola Rema
  14. Baruma Dashana Re
  15. Bir Buru Rema Matha .
  16. Da Lu Ghat Re
  17. Dada Gota Bapla Ora
  18. Dag Lu Ghat Re
  19. Aeya Godom Na.
  20. Dare Nadi Sagenen
  21. Dhan Gerah Sangat Ku.
  22. Din Dinam Collagere
  23. Dinem Tikin Bera Re
  24. E Sangat Na
  25. Gaate Re
  26. Gaateinj Tiriyo Oron.
  27. Dangwa Mone.
  28. Gate Maya
  29. Gada Aade Khon Tiriyo
  30. Hane Buru Lodom Re.
  31. Hane Sedai Aam Do .
  32. Hape Se Tigun Me.
  33. Hane Seday
  34. Hara Godoh Re Danguw.
  35. Hor Hor Ting Taram
  36. Ing Ma Rusika Kora
  37. Huding Huding Khona
  38. Jhak - Jhak
  39. Jharna Da Em Luya
  40. Jhipir Jhipir Da Jar.
  41. Jhilik - Lipir
  42. Jhunuk Bankhan
  43. Kirinj Amainj Mutha
  44. Kaso Piril Piril.
  45. Kiya Jharna Re
  46. Kulhi Dhudi Khonag
  47. Mone Ma Chumu Chumul.
  48. Kocha Baarge Kapur
  49. Nawa Naihar Chalak
  50. Okoy Sirjon Leday
  51. Peda Muluj Mocham
  52. Pan Ha Bang Sagat.
  53. Sangat Kuri Na
  54. Sari Kath Marich Bil.
  55. Sibil Sibil Rorte Ma.
  56. Rail Gadi Kha Khag..
  57. Sinj Sirijali
  58. Sona Jodi Khaja
  59. Soro Na Bir Gajhar
  60. Tikin Bera Re.


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