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Download Dong Serenj - Download Santhali Songs

Dong Serenj - Santhali songs

Description: This page is dedicated for Dong serenj(Song), Dong serenj which is a traditional music and dance style also of Santals, specially 'Dong' is danced in occasion of Marriage. Dong songs is of two type, one which totally signifies the act,and some emotional but joyous words sang for bride and bridal in Santali marriage , and the second one is different from tradition and culture but the music, rhythm are same as in tradition Dong songs.
Here this page facilitate you to download the dongs songs in easiest way so that you can enjoy, organize this songs in digital store . All the links provided in this page are of our own digital store and is not taken from any other resource . The bit rate of all the songs is about 96kbps and 128kbps, we've added some extra features in our all songs like all the songs are compressed, hence you get your content fast and secure and moreover if you are prepaid Internet subscriber, you get limited amount of Data Usage and using this website it reduces your internet data consumption as compared any other online media .

Still we are trying to give more song list so that you get all the information and songs in one click .

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