Baha Seday Gate -Santhali Album Mp3

             Baha Seday Gate - Santali Album Mp3

Baha Sedae Gaate Santali Album Cover

Description: Baha Seday Gaate is santali album released in 2005, It was produced by Gold disc.
The songs are sung by Chales,Maino,Teresa, Sriphul, Urmila, Maino, Lukas Tudu  Mala, J. Anjela
and choreography by Charles Tudu, Lucas Tudu,Alias Tudu
and there were some additional actors: Alias Tudu, Tudu, Lucas Tudu, Marandi, Sriphul, Ajay Soren, Marandi, Sharmila Tudu, Mishil Martin, Chandan Baskey, Albin Hansda,Surajmoni Hembram.
camera: Basu, Indrajit
editing: Basu, Indrajit
Eshak Tudu , Mondol Soren Majdiha Villagers; Dolpathor Villagers. The songs in this album are traditionals.
You can listen and download songs by clicking on link below

Writer : N/A
Music : N/A
Singer : Lucas Tudu, Charles, Anjela, J. Mala, Sriphul, Teresa
Artist : Alias Tudu, Sriphul Marandi,  Sharmila Marandi, Albina Hansda, Surajmoni Hansda
Year of Publication : 2005
Publishing House : Gold Disc.