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                            Amdo Inj Ren - Santali Album Mp3
Amdo Inj ren santali album cover

Description : Amdo Inj Ren is an Santali album which was released in 2009. It was produced by Miru baha Production. We don't have enough information about this album. Meaning of Amdo Inj Ren is ' You're my queen'. The songs composition in this album is average and you might like to listen them by clicking on the link provided below. You can also download them.

Writer : Chunu Hembrom, Lal Sushant Soren, Stephen Tudu
Music :  Tanu Murmu, Stephen Tudu, Xmas Marandi.
Singer :  Stephen Tudu, Shani, Soni, Chumu Hembrom
Artist  : Tala biti Hembrom, Nisha Hembrom, Promila Tudu, Bina Hansdak,
Year of Publication : 2009
Publishing House : Willmax

  • Adi Chehra Kudi
  • Alom
  • Baha Re
  • Dular Baha Mala Sajaw
  • Gaateinj Miru
  • Jiwi Tinj Haape
  • Juwan Geyak
  • Miru Adang


  1. Dular baha mala sajaw is originally sang by Late Lal Sushant Soren ...

    Someone else has sang this song in the audio...