Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Aarsi Mohar -Santhali Album Mp3

                        Aarsi Mohar - Santali Album Mp3

Aasri Mohar Santali album cover

Description : Aarsi Mohar is Santali album which was released in 2005, which was produced by Gold disc. It was directed by  Ratan Maitra. Pradip Murmu, Sita Rani Murmu, Laxman Murmu, Smt Sumita Mandi. Sagun Saar Murmu has contributed as musician in this album.

Writer : N/A
Music : Pradip, Dilip
Singer : Pradip Murmu, Gopal Hansda, Sita Rani Murmu,
Artist :Mamoni Tudu, Ahala Tudu,
Year of Publication : 2005
Publishing House : Gold Disc

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