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Santhal E-disom

Johar, You're welcome in santhal 

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                                           a first online E-portal of santals where it enables you to go through the radiant world of Santals in knowing their culture,society over the internet. Here you will get every information related The Most populated and well cultured Tribe in World at India. We "" provides you a way to connect them and knowing them as well as Santhal Tribal's Photos,Songs,videos and the information related to santhal, all of these thing you will be getting here......

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Old Song

                            Old Songs

Dear User, due to heavy traffic all the songs below in our server has been crashed , this is why we've temporary removed the link of songs. Soon all the links will be updated automatically, please have patience and it may 7-14 days .

  1.           A Sing Chando ....mp3
  2.           A Sinj Cando A Njida.mp3
  3.           Aam Salagh Njapam.mp3
  4.           Aamag Enjagh Nowa.mp3
  5.           Aamagh Enjagh Nowa Sagai.mp3
  6.           Aamre Enjag Dular Gabao.mp3
  7.           Ago Champa Baha Buru.mp3
  8.           Ago Champa Baha Buru.mp3
  9.           Ama Rup Njelte Aamagh.mp3
  10.          Amagh Rup Njelte Aamagh.mp3
  11.          Amre Engag Dulad Gabawena.mp3
  12.          Amsalagh Njapam Lagid.mp3
  13.          Bacem Raska Gate Dela.mp3
  14.          Bachem Raskagh Gate.mp3
  15.          Bai Bai Te Hapi Hapi.mp3
  16.          Band Ma Aade Re Kiya.mp3
  17.          Band Ma Aade Re Kiya.mp3
  18.          Bay Bay Te Hapi Hapi.mp3
  19.          Buru Kocha Jharna Rila.mp3
  20.          Buru Kocha Jharna.mp3
  21.          Cekalang Parom Chalag Aa.mp3
  22.          Chekalang Parom Chalag.mp3
  23.          Chika Tinj Bujhaw.mp3
  24.          Chikating Bujhaw Rumung.mp3
  25.          Darma Likir Likir Njelog.mp3
  26.          Darma Njelog Likir.mp3
  27.          Delang Edi Meya Dulad.mp3
  28.          Delanj Edi Meya Gate.mp3
  29.          Dinge Tangi Tangi Te Baro.mp3
  30.          Dinge Tangi Tangi Te.mp3
  31.          Dunia Bes Bang Bujhaw.mp3
  32.          Duniya Bes Banj Bujhaw.mp3
  33.          Gate Re Dela Re Hijugh.mp3
  34.          Gatere Delare Delare.mp3
  35.          Hape Se Hape De.mp3
  36.          Hapese Hape Tigun Me.mp3
  37.          Hara Hodmo Re Sadi Lagti.mp3
  38.          Hara Hodmo Re Sadi.mp3
  39.          Hatre Banugh Aana Sindur.mp3
  40.          Hatre Banugh Aana.mp3
  41.          Hay Bachare Aam Do.mp3
  42.          Hay Bachare Aamdo.mp3
  43.         Hay Bachare Layang Okare.mp3
  44.         Hay Bachare Layanj.mp3
  45.         Hemal Hoyte Gota Disom.mp3
  46.         Hemal Hoyte Gota.mp3
  47.         Katha Tahe Yena......mp3
  48.         Kuhda Njutat Ena Chando.mp3
  49.         Kuhda Njutat Ena.mp3
  50.         Muluj Macha Aalom Landaya.mp3
  51.         Muluj Macha Alom Landaya.mp3
  52.         Muluj Muluj Chagem Landa.mp3
  53.         Muluj Muluj Chaghem.mp3
  54.         Nam Rup Khon Chorok.mp3
  55.         Nam Rup Khun Chorok.mp3
  56.         Nisa Nisa Ging Bujhaw.mp3
  57.         Nisa Nisa Ginj Bujhaw.mp3
  58.         Nowa Dulad Dorya Re Enij.mp3
  59.         Nowa Dulad Dorya Re.mp3
  60.         Nowa Dulad Dorya.mp3
  61.         Nowa Dulad Doryare Enjag.mp3
  62.         Okoy Do Chando Sepenj (2).mp3
  63.         Okoy Do Chando Sepenj Rakabe.mp3
  64.         Okoy Do Chando Sepenj.mp3
  65.         Okoy Edi Aating Uyhar.mp3
  66.         Okoy Ediyatinj Uyhar.mp3
  67.         Okoydo Chando Sepenj Rakabe.mp3
  68.         Rapud En Tinja Chudi.mp3
  69.         Rapudyen Tinga Chudi.mp3
  70.         Rimil Saade Hijugh.mp3
  71.         Rimil Sade Hijug......mp3
  72.         Ropod Tahen Ye Na.mp3
  73.         Rupdo Hesej Sekej Hodmo.mp3
  74.         Rupdo Hesej Sekej Hodmo.mp3
  75.         Sari Che Khali Che.mp3
  76.         Sarice Khaliche Aamagh Enjagh.mp3
  77.         Seday Do May Saikol.mp3
  78.         Seday Do May Saykel.mp3
  79.         Seday Dona May Na.mp3
  80.         Seday Dona Pan Baha.mp3
  81.         Timin Saginj Recho Sari.mp3
  82.         Tisho Bang Tahen Puisa.mp3
  83.         Tiso Bang Tahena.mp3
  84.         Tmin Sanging Recho Sari.mp3
  85.         Uku Chuku Terdej Marsal.mp3
  86.         Uku Chuku Terdej Marsal.mp3
  87.         Usul Buru Dhasna Re.mp3
  88.      Usul Buru Dhasna Re.mp3

New Songs

                                                   New Songs

Due to server problem songs can't be downloaded now,we'll update the link within this week .Thank you
  • Ama Haray Ena.mp3
  • Cdma Service.mp3
  • Chot Chando Dular.mp3
  • Janam Linij.mp3
  • Poha Dare.mp3
  • Rasi Atu.mp3
  • S Rock Santhali.mp3

Due to server problem songs can't be downloaded now,we'll update the link within this week .Thank you

New Song Updated

Description - This page allows you to go through the latest santali songs released, unfortunately when new santhali songs releases it is not well promoted, and lack of promotion the songs get lost. this is why this website is dedicated for santhali in uplifting their songs,culture and tradition.

Dear user, due to extreme traffic the link of songs have been crashed, we're trying to update the link, click here for new songs

New Songs Uploaded !

  1. Gada Darang Kiya.mp3
  2. Gate Amem Saging Ana.mp3
  3. Gate Kuri Maa Bagi.mp3
  4. Golap Baha Rup Ama. Raja.mp3
  5. Gutu Baha Leha.mp3
  6. Haat Pata Ka Re.mp3
  7. Haat Pata Lang Daran Kana.mp3
  8. Hapi Hapite.mp3
  9. Hatpatam Dalanado.mp3
  10. Hello Hello.mp3
  11. Hende Rimil.mp3
  12. Hola Tikin.mp3
  13. Jahan Tin Re.mp3
  14. Sagen Upal.mp3
  15. Sagun Ana Sahag Dular.mp3
  16. Setag Sisir.mp3
  17. Sibl Sagai Sohag Dular.mp3
  18. Tikin Bera Jharna Topon.mp3
  19. Ukuchuku Khata Dular.mp3
  20. ae sangat.mp3
  21. amdo gaate re.mp3
  22. chando che amdo.mp3
  23. kunami chando.mp3
  24. layi mese.mp3
  25. sagun beda.mp3
  26. tanhe tanhe.mp3

Monday, 24 June 2013

Dular Shogay - Santhali Album & Mp3

Dular Shogay Santali album Cover

Dular Shogay - Santali Album 

Description : This page contains the mp3 songs from Santali Album 'Dular Shogay' which was released in 2011, The Song is nice and it is 128kbps which is quite good. Dular shogay was directed by Jagannath Hembram from Jhargram,West Bengal. Dular Shogay album was produced by 'Sathi Music'. You can listen and download this album by clicking on the below.Songs in this album are 128kbps. 

Santhali Syllabus for UPSC exams

                  Santhali Syllabus for UPSC exams

Part – I :Section A: History of Santali Language: I. Main Austric Language family, population and distribution. II. Grammatical structure of Santali Language. III. Important character of Santali Language : Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Translation, Lexicography. IV. Impact of other languages on Santali. V. Standardization of Santali Language.
Part – II History of Santali Literature: 
I. Literary trends of the following four periods of History of Santali Literature;(a) Ancient literature before 1854. (b) Missionary period : Literature between 1855 to 1889 AD. (c) Medieval period: Literature between 1890 to 1946 AD. (d) Modern period: Literature from 1947 AD to till date. II. Writing tradition in History of Santali literature.
 Section B: Literary forms – Main characteristics, history and development of following literary forms. Part – I:Folk Literature in Santali – folk song, folk tale, phrase, idioms, puzzles, and Kudum.  Part – II:Modern literature in Santali; (a) Development of
poetry and prominent poets. (b) Development of prose and prominent writers. (i) Novels and prominent Novelists. (ii) Stories and prominent story writers. (iii) Drama and prominent Dramatist. (iv) Criticism and prominent critics. (v) Essay, sketches,
memoirs, travelogues and prominent writers; Santali writers – Shyam Sundar Hembram, Pandit Raghunath Murmu, Barha Beshra, Sadhu Ramchand Murmu, Narayan Soren ‘Toresutam’, Sarada Prasad Kisku, Raghunath Tudu, Kalipada Soren, Sakla Soren, Digambar Hansda, Aditya Mitra ‘Santali’, Babulal Murmu ‘Adivasi’, Jadumani Beshra, Arjun Hembram, Krishna Chandra Tudu, Rupchand Hansda, Kalendra Nath Mandi, Mahadev Hansda, Gour Chandra Murmu, Thakur Prasad Murmu, Hara Prasad Murmu, Uday Nath Majhi, Parimal Hembram, Dhirendra Nath Baske, Shyam Charan Hembram, Damayanti Beshra, T.K. Rapaj, Boyha Biswanath
Tudu.  Part – III Cultural Heritage of Santali tradition, customs, festival and rituals (birth,
marriage and death).
Paper-II: Section A: Ancient Literature : Prose – (a) Kherwal Bonso Dhorom Puthi – Majhi Ramdas Tudu “Rasika”. (b) Mare Hapramko Reyak Katha – L. O. Scrafsrud. (c) Jomsim Binti Lita – Mangal Chandra Turkulumang Soren. (d) Marang Buru Binti – Kanailal Tudu. Poetry - (a) Karam Sereng – Nunku Soren. (b) Devi Dasain Sereng – Manindra Hansda. (c) Horh Sereng – W.G. Archer. (d) Baha Sereng – Balaram Tudu. (e) Dong Sereng – Padmashri Bhagwat Murmu ‘Thakur’ (f) Hor Sereng – Raghunath Murmu. (g) Soros Sereng – Babulal Murmu “Adivasi”. (h) More Sin More Nida – Rup
chand Hansda. (i) Judasi Madwa Latar – Tez Narayan Murmu. Section B: Modern Literature -
PART I – Poetry : (a) Onorhen Baha Dhalwak – Paul Jujhar Soren. (b) Asar Binti – Narayan Soren “Tore Sutam” (c) Chand Mala – Gora Chand Tudu. (d) Onto Baha Mala – Aditya Mitra « Santali ». (e) Tiryo Tetang – Hari Har Hansda. (f) Sisirjon Rar – Thakur Prasad Murmu.  PART II – Novels : (a) Harmawak Ato – R.Karstiars (Translator – R.R.
Kisku Rapaz) (b) Manu Mati – Chandra Mohan Hansda. (c) Ato Orak – Doman Hansdak. (d) Ojoy Gada Dhiph re – Nathenial Murmu.  PART III – Stories (a) Jiyon Gada – Rup Chand Hansda and Jadumani Beshra. (b) Mayajaal – Doman Sahu ‘Samir’ and Padmashri Bhagwat Murmu ‘Thakur’ PART IV – Drama (a) Kherwar Bir – Pandit
Raghunath Murmu (b) Juri Khatir – Dr. K.C. Tudu. (c) Birsa Bir – Ravi Lal Tudu
PART V – Biography : On perusal of the syllabus, it can be seen that the syllabus is very vast and perhaps the pattern being followed in other languages have been  followed. May be these books are being prescribed in various Colleges and Universities. Apart from the subjects being studied at various Universities, the books could be referred for general knowledge and to have an in depth knowledge about the Santali literature and Santal people. However, clear information is not available whether these subjects, courses are being imparted in various under graduate course at various colleges. It is natural to expect that the course contents need to align to the syllabus being prescribed in various educational institutions. The availability of book was a prime concern and still it is continuing and the students and persons aspiring to pursue the subjects face daunting task in finding or arranging books. It is in this context, all are being requested to make everybody know the source and place where these books could be found. The coaching institutes should also come to the fore to make these books, reference material available in the interest of the students as well as the discerning people. May be due to the fact that very few are opting to take this subject as an optional, the support is not coming forth as return is minimum or not lucrative. In order to see students take up this subject and preparing for the coveted examination, it is incumbent upon everybody to pool together information and material to generate an interest/atmosphere to inspire the students to pursue their career through mother tongue. All concerned are requested to share information with us and send the same in the email id which would further be disseminated. The days are not far, when the success would instill a sense of confidence among people and this would be a befitting reply to the persons who are moving away from the lap of mother tongue.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Download Best of Kalpana Hansda - Santhali MP3

Best of Kalpana Hansda - Santhali Mp3
128kbps -
Description : This page contains the some famous song sung  by kalpana hansda, all these songs were released during 2007-14. Kalpana Hansda is famous Singer in Santali music industry, she has been singing the traditional songs but became famous when she started singing some modern tradtional songs in Santali albums.

Friday, 21 June 2013

List of Santhali Books

The list of Books written and published during the periods:

HITAL (Evaluation of Earth & human being) 1930
BAKHENL (Mantra in Santali) 1935
HOL-SERENG (Santali Song) 1936
OL-CHEMED (Formative style of Olchiki) 1941
PARSI-POHA (Combination of Script) 1948
OL-UPRUM (Recognition of Script) 1953
LACTURE SERENG (Religious Song) 1963
ELKHA (Math in Santali) 1966
RAG-ANDOL (Religious Bhojaon in Santali 1970
RONOL (Grammar in Santali literature) 1974
BIDU-CHANDAN (Literary Drama) 1930
DALEGE-DHON (Health is Wealth- Drama) 1935
KHERWAL-BIR (Patriotic Historical Drama) 1940
SIDO-KANHU (Patriotic Drama) 1946

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Download Dong Serenj - Download Santhali Songs

Dong Serenj - Santhali songs

Description: This page is dedicated for Dong serenj(Song), Dong serenj which is a traditional music and dance style also of Santals, specially 'Dong' is danced in occasion of Marriage. Dong songs is of two type, one which totally signifies the act,and some emotional but joyous words sang for bride and bridal in Santali marriage , and the second one is different from tradition and culture but the music, rhythm are same as in tradition Dong songs.
Here this page facilitate you to download the dongs songs in easiest way so that you can enjoy, organize this songs in digital store . All the links provided in this page are of our own digital store and is not taken from any other resource . The bit rate of all the songs is about 96kbps and 128kbps, we've added some extra features in our all songs like all the songs are compressed, hence you get your content fast and secure and moreover if you are prepaid Internet subscriber, you get limited amount of Data Usage and using this website it reduces your internet data consumption as compared any other online media .

Still we are trying to give more song list so that you get all the information and songs in one click .

click here to see Dong Enej Photos

  1.   A Mita                                    
  2.   A Sangat Sari Ge Aal.            
  3.   Aam Ma Sisu Kora                 
  4.   Aape Tola Remo                    
  5.   Ae Budi Peda Budi                 
  6.   Ae Dogor Na                          
  7.   Ae Gulachi Sari Ge                
  8.   Ae Jhara Phuli Na                  
  9.   Ae Gaate Gaate Na               
  10.   Ae Sangat Sari Ge                  
  11.   Agering Kanako                                 
  12.   Amho Chetan Ghatre.           
  13.   Apetola Rema                        
  14.   Baruma Dashana Re             
  15.   Bir Buru Rema Matha .         
  16.   Da Lu Ghat Re                       
  17.   Dada Gota Bapla Ora            
  18.   Dag Lu Ghat Re                     
  19.   Aeya Godom Na.                   
  20.   Dare Nadi Sagenen               
  21.   Dhan Gerah Sangat Ku.         
  22.   Din Dinam Collagere             
  23.   Dinem Tikin Bera Re             
  24.   E Sangat Na                           
  25.    Gaate Re                               
  26.   Gaateinj Tiriyo Oron.            
  27.   Dangwa Mone. 
  28.   Gate Maya                             
  29.   Gada Aade Khon Tiriyo          
  30.   Hane Buru Lodom Re.           
  31.   Hane Sedai Aam Do .            
  32.   Hape Se Tigun Me.                
  33.   Hane Seday                            
  34.   Hara Godoh Re Danguw.       
  35.   Hor Hor Ting Taram 
  36.   Ing Ma Rusika Kora               
  37.   Huding Huding Khona            
  38.   Jhak - Jhak                             
  39.   Jharna Da Em Luya                
  40.   Jhipir Jhipir Da Jar.                
  41.   Jhilik - Lipir                            
  42.   Jhunuk Bankhan                     
  43.   Kirinj Amainj Mutha              
  44.   Kaso Piril Piril.                       
  45.   Kiya Jharna Re                       
  46.   Kulhi Dhudi Khonag               
  47.   Mone Ma Chumu Chumul.    
  48.   Kocha Baarge Kapur              
  49.   Nawa Naihar Chalak             
  50.   Okoy Sirjon Leday                  
  51.   Peda Muluj Mocham             
  52.   Pan Ha Bang Sagat.               
  53.   Sangat Kuri Na                       
  54.   Sari Kath Marich Bil.             
  55.   Sibil Sibil Rorte Ma.               
  56.   Rail Gadi Kha Khag..              
  57.   Sinj Sirijali                              
  58.   Sona Jodi Khaja                      
  59.   Soro Na Bir Gajhar                
  60.   Tikin Bera Re.                        

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Santhali -Calendar

Santhali Calendar has been enumerated below:
Chando Nutum Month Name Kherwal Orthodoxy Religious believes of Kherwal’s Kherwal Sub-community Month wise culture dance Others Religious occasion
MAAGH Jan-Feb Pahilu Magh, Santali New Year, Magh Sim Santhal,Ho, Mahale,Munda, Kunbi etc Dahar, Mage etc Saraswati Pujja, Idd
FAAGUN Feb-March Baha & Bhujni Do Baha, Bao, Jadur etc Shib Ratri & Easter
CHAIT March-April Shendra & Patta Bonga Do Patta, Herrowh Mahaveer Jayanti & Mohhorum
BAISAKH April & May Abgge & Jom sim Do Patta, Herrow, Jhumur Sib-Gajon Baisakhi Budhpurnima
JHENT May- June Kheral Magh-More Do Dhongel Gonga Dosohara
ASADH June-July Arr-Sidh & Asaria Do Rinja Rath Jatra
SAAN July-Agust Sima, Monsa Bonga Hariar Jantal Do Karam Monsa Pujja Rakhi
BHADOR Agust-Sept Indi-Jantal Karam/Korma Do Jom Nama Ganesh & Biskarma
DASAING Sept-Oct Dissom Thakran (Divi & Durga) Magh-more Do Dasaing Durga & Laxmi Pujja
SOHORAY Oct-Nov Got Bonga, & Gobordhan Pujja Do Danata Kali & Chhot Pujja
AGHAN Nov-Dec Runda Sakrat Dosson, Mora Karam Do Dong Guru Nanak Jayanti, Ras-Purnima Sobebarat
PUSH Dec-Jan Lebra-Sohoray Mag-Mass Sakrat Akhan Do Sohoray Lagne, Mage Xmass Mokor Sankranti

Friday, 14 June 2013

Singbui Dudugur - Ho mp3 & Album

Description: Sinbui Dudugur is Ho album songs which was released in year of 2011, This album contains Ho entertainment songs, There are eight songs in this albums .    

  Singbui Dudugur - Ho Song and Album
                               (128 Kbps)
                           Direct Download

  • 01 Saraikela Kuli.mp3
  • 02 Anj Shaharukh Khan.mp3
  • 03 Neya Chiken.mp3
  • 04 Nimin Stylem.mp3
  • 05 Ochana Ochana.mp3
  • 06 Monenj Asiya.mp3
  • 07 Amdom Dolanchi.mp3
  • 08 Pandu Nagu.mp3

    Seyan Marshal - Ho mp3 & Album

    Description: Seyan Marshal is Ho entertainment song, Ho songs are very rare on internet and this website promotes Ho songs so that the people belonging from Ho community can able to get or listen Ho songs over Internet. Ho is mundari sub-caste which belongs from kherwal community .

    Seyan Marshal - Ho Song and Album
    Songs will be uploaded soon.

  • 01 May May Te.mp3
  • 02 Anah Jibona Re.mp3
  • 03 Aaja Aaja Meri.mp3
  • 04 Ringe Ringe.mp3
  • 05 Buru Bitar.mp3
  • 06 A Daru A Diri.m 

  • Want to know about the glorious history of Santal please click here is the digital storefront of Santali Content, this website covers Santali Langugage,Literature,Culture & Films and album also.

    Kalpana Hansda's all song are also available here, click here to go to the Kalpana Hansda Song page .

      Please click here to know about the Leader of Santal Revolt Sido kanhu .

    Disclaimer :- This is to inform that neither nor hosts any of the songs linked from this blog. All the videos in this blog is embedded from the Youtube or any Online video Portal. This blog contains the links to songs that are freely available on internet. The songs are Copyrights of their respective owners. So check your States's/ Nation's/ Region's copyright policy before downloading. The songs are for preview purposess only.

    We recommend you to buy the original music. And Support the Santali Film Industry . 

    Mexi Wali - Ho mp3 & Album

                   Mexi Wali - Ho Song and Album
                                   (128 Kbps)
                               Direct Download
    Songs will be uploaded soon.
  • 04 Panah Reh.mp3
  • 05 Okoy Uku Uku.mp3
  • 07 Bye Bye.mp3
  • 08 Lutur Renj.mp3
  • Bombay Uli - Ho MP3 & Album

                Bombay Uli - Ho Song and Album
                                                               (128 Kbps)
                             Direct Download
    Songs will be uploaded soon.

  • 01 Amdom Bombai Kuli.mp3
  • 02 Humko Hai Tumse.mp3
  • 03 Mara Mara.mp3
  • 04 Ate Sombari.mp3
  • 05 Sundari.mp3
  • 06 Akon Gaham.mp3
  • 07 Hayego Hayego.mp3
  • 08 Mone Monre.mp3
  • Ama Pahla Chiti - Ho MP3 & Album

             Ama Pahla Chiti -Ho Song and Album
                                                               (128 Kbps)
                                        Direct Download

  • A Juding Amh Gating.mp3
  • A Juding Chinah.mp3
  • Amah Paila Chithi.mp3
  • Chunduri Ateya Chundri.mp3
  • Gosogem Neloh.mp3
  • Hoban Jeye Do Hoban.mp3
  • Nimin Bugin Buru.mp3
  • Friday, 7 June 2013

    Get Your Santhal Webmail ID & Feel Proud to be Santhal

    Get Your own Santhal Webmail ID and Proud to be a Santhal.
                         click here to get E-mail ID.

    Thursday, 6 June 2013

    Get Your Santhal Webmail ID

    Get Your Santhal Webmail E-mail ID !

                                                           must same to facebook

                                                                       Must same to facebook

    Cha - Ko - Santhali Album Mp3

                       Cha-Ko - Santali Album Mp3

    cha ko santali album cover

    Description - 'Cha ko' is a Santali Album which was released in 2007, It was produced by 'Choice' and It was directed by Pankaj Murmu. Music was by A Tanu Murmu and Xmas Marandi. The songs in this album are quite average. There are 11 songs in this album. You can listen and download them by clicking on the link below. 
    The songs in this album are 128kbps.

    Bonga Kudi - Santhali Album Mp3


    Bonga Kudi - Santali Album Mp3

    Description : Bonga Kudi is a Santali film which was released later as Santali album on 2006. It was directed by Raja Mishra and story was written by  Laxman Soren. Chandan Baskey was music director who gave music composition to this album.Where Deepak hembram assisted this album as assist direction . Laxman Soren, Dasarath Singh along with Mohini Hansda were in lead role in this album. There are 8 songs in  this album which are quite average . You can listen and download them by just clicking on link below.                            

    Bomb Blast Kudi re - Santhal Album Mp3

                         Bomb Blast Kudi re - Santali Album Mp3

    Description : Bomb Blast Kudi re is a Santali album which was released in 2007. There are 5 songs in this album, which are quite good. Music composition is also average, songs are modern traditional, there is some songs which are totally modern and beats are very fast. You can listen and download them by clicking on the link below .

    Tuesday, 4 June 2013

    Download All Santhali Album

    Description: This page contains all the Santali Album, here you can go through the each link to listen Santali songs of all more than 41 albums . Please click on the link in order to proceed with the album whose song you want to listen .

    Uku Uku - Santhali Album Mp3

    Uku Uku Santali album cover

    Description : Uku Uku is a Santali Album released in between 2006 to 2011, Uku is a Santali word which means 'Hide" in English , This is a very joyous album a must listen songs. Please click on the below link where you can listen the song online and also it facilitate you to download the song so that you could store this in your in digital storage media .

    Thanda Thanda Cool Cool - Santhali Album Mp3

            Thanda Thanda Cool Cool - Santali Album Mp3

    thanda thanda cool cool santali album cover

    Description : Thanda Thanda Cool Cool is a Santali Album which was released in 2006. The album Thanda Thanda Cool Cool was produced by 'Evergreen Music' from Bhubneshwar,Orissa. There are 8 songs in this album which are good to listen. Once must give a try to listen title song of this album .

    Tetang Jiwi Aas re - Santhali Album Mp3

     Tetang Jiwi Aas re- Santali Album Mp3

    tetang jiwi aas re santali album

    Description : Tetang Jiwi aas re is a santhali album, we're sorry that we couldn't provide you the year of releasing this album, although you can listen the song by just clicking on below link . This album was produced by "Choice ",Kolkata.                

    Tara Tara Dular - Santhali Album Mp3

                     Tara Tara Dular - Santali Album Mp3

    tara tara dular santali album cover
    Description : Album 'Tara tara dular santali album was released in 2008, this album has four songs only, you can listen them by just clicking on the link provided below. The songs are 128 kbps which is quite good for quality .

    Super Model - Santhali Album Mp3

                           Super Model - Santali Album Mp3

    super model santali album cover

    Description : This santali album was released in mid of 2008, Super Model is modern Santali album which was produced by 'Choice' media. You can listen this song by clicking on them or you can save them on your digital media by downloading them. The songs are 128 kbps.

    Sohag Rani - Santhali Album Mp3

                      Sohag Rani- Santali Album Mp3
    Sohag rani Santali album cover

    Description :Sohag Rani is a Santali album produced by Gold disc, this was released in 2010, In Santali Sohar Rani means 'Lovely Queen' .There are 7 songs in this album, each song differs from each other thus people who listen this album will definitely get some interesting music within this album. You can listen this song by clicking on the link provided below or you can also save it to your digital media by downloading them.We're sorry for not having more information about Directors but we've listened this song and would like to tell you to listen it once . The songs are 128kbps .

    Sibil - Santhali Album Mp3

                                 Sibil- Santali Album Mp3
    Description : 'Sibil' is Santali album which was released in 2008. This album was produced by 'Miru Baha Production. The music beats in this album is bit modern, some songs are mixed with modern traditional where some traditional music instruments were played along with modern instruments. However the song composition is nice, we would like you to listen this song once. You can listen them by just clicking on the link provided below or you can save to your digital media by downloading them. The songs are 128kbps only.

    Sedae Gaate - Santhali Album Mp3

                   Sedae Gaate - Santali Album Mp3
    Description: The Sedae Gaate is Santali album which was released in the year on 2010 ,its a traditional santali album but songs there are not completely traditional. This album contains simple music beat with traditional instruments. Music part of this album is really good where traditional flute has taken the main role of playing soul of this song in background. Tumda tamak also beats simple with playing flute to fill in. If you like to listen soft Santali music with playing flute to fill in , you can listen the songs in this album also you can download them.

    Sada Kaooj Mone - Santhali Album Mp3

                Sada Kagoj Mone - Santali Album Mp3
    Sada Kagoj Mone Santali album cover

    Description: This album 'Sada kagoj mone re is a santali album which was produced by  Choice production, and it was directed by Jayanta and edited by Sangeeta. It was released in 2008.The songs in this album are very nice and soft, Santali singer Sawan has sung some song in this album, the title song of this album 'Sada kagoz re' is sung by Sawan and Usha. There are 7 songs in this album which you can listen them easily by just clicking on the link provided below or you can save them by just downloading them. The songs are 128kbps.

    Roop Tam Jhalkawena - Santhali Album Mp3

           Roop Tam Jhalkawena - Santali Album Mp3

    roop taam jhalkawena santali album cover
    Description : Roop Tam Jhalkawena is a Santali album which was released in 2009. It was produced by 'Choice production'. This album has seven songs which are different from each other, and sound quality is quite average.  You can listen and download them by clicking on the link below .

    Road Rani Chok Mok - Santhali Album Mp3

            Road Rani Chok Mok - Santali Album Mp3
    road rani chok mok santali album cover

    Description : Road Rani Chok Mok is a Santali album which was released in 2010, it was produced by Miru baha production, There are seven songs in this album , all the songs in this album are modern traditional. They are not completely traditional thus those who love listen to traditional might disappoint from this album, although if we talk about composition of songs is quite nice and those enjoy to listen modern traditional songs this album will be going a right choice for them, you can listen this song by clicking on the link provided below. we are sorry for not having any more information about the album.

    Puylu Ngepel - Santhali Album Mp3

                   Puylu Ngepel - Santali Album Mp3
    Description : Puylu Njepel is a Santali album which was released in 2009 and is directed by Raja Mishra. This album was produced by 'S.S Music' . All the songs in this album are very nice, there are 8 songs in thi album, there is all type of mixture in this album which means love,romantic emotional and comedy songs are also there in this album . If you love to listen various type of songs this album might come across your need. You can listen and download them by clicking on the link provided below . The songs are 128kbps.

    Okoy Hirla - Santhali Album Mp3

                         Okoy Hirla - Santali Album Mp3
    Okoy Hirla Santali album cover

    Description : 'Okoy Hirla' is santali short film whose songs are provided below, it was released in year of 2006 and was produced by 'Gold Disc'. The songs composition is very nice, some are traditional. It was written by Charles Tudu . The songs in film were sung by Lukas Tudu,Teresa Marandi,Alias Tudu, Sriphul Marandi, Theophil Hembrom,Urmila Kisku .This film was directed by Ratan Maitra. You can listen or download them.

    Oh My sweet hear - Santhali Album Mp3

               Oh My sweet heart - Santali Album Mp3

    oh my sweet dear santali album cover

    Description : Oh My sweet heart is Santali album which was released in 2010. It was produced by 'choice'. There are 8 songs in this album. Songs were mainly sung by Sawan and Rani. The songs in this album have love,romantic, emotional types. Sawan has sung some song in this album which sounds very natural with traditional instruments although all the songs int this album are traditional, some are modern traditional. You can listen and download them by link provided below .

    O Dulariya - Santhali Album Mp3

                      O Dulariya - Santali Album Mp3
    O Dulariya Santali album cover

    Description : O Dulariya is Santali album which was released 2011, there are 8 songs in this album. We're sorry we don't have much information about this album . But it was produced by 'Choice' production. Songs in this album are quite good,people who like to listen old santali song might come across it. You can listen this song by clicking on them.

    Jhakas Kudi -Santhali Album Mp3

                     Jhakas Kudi - Santali Album Mp3


    Description : Jhakas Kudi is a Santali album which was released in 2009. It was produced by Sur Sangeet. Raja Mishra directed this album and music was by Kanhu Tudu .Songs were written by Mamina Tudu,Ratharaj Murmu, Kanhu Tudu and Damodar Tudu. There are 8 songs in this album which are very beautiful. Ae Salma is must listen song in this album. There is classical mixture of music with traditional song in this album . You can listen and download them by clicking on the link below.