Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Traditional symbol of Communication | Santal Community

Traditional symbol of Communication in Santal Community

In tribals,  there seem to be no any economical value  in their living . Whether it be their rituals or any social practice they never use any thing which such relates to any economical value. Same thing is also found in Santal Community where there is no presence of any economical things, value, and necessity. They are connected to nature and worship it, and they are following this tradition since ages.Even though they are developed and civilized in there own unique way, they don’t even need to go for any written form of communication to communicate from one village to another for any village meeting or invitation to some programme. When any serious issue arises which require the immediate attention of the villagers the village headman send a sal leaf as an invitation letter to various village. On getting the invitation the villagers of different villages gathers to discuss the matter, after hearing everybodies views on the matter the decision is taken.


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