Thursday, 30 October 2014

Aam Begor - Santali Film Review

Aam Begor
Santali Film 2014

Aam Begor is a Santali Film released in 1st of October,2014 at Sidhgora Town Hall in presence of Mr .Ramdas  Soren, M.L.A from Ghatsila and Mr. Champai Soren, Minister of Jharkhand Govt .
Aam Begor is a santali word which menas 'Without You' in english.
This film is based on the story Two Young man, woman and a old man which focuses on social issue occurring between Santals . This film presented the natural living of Santals  and also the problem of young  woman named ‘Joba’ who is fighting  against poverty with his father who is drunk each time  .
With some serious dialogue this film also highlighted the issue of ‘Land,Forest and river’ of Adivasis .
There is 5 main character in lead role, They are Bubun Mardi as ‘Vikas’, Sunil Hansda(9t) as ‘Naran’ ,

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