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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Community living of Santals | Event | Social sytem | Administration

Santal lives community living, as the nature of philosophy is found in their community thus Santal society is casteless, there is no person superior or inferior by birth, family or clan. Community living means where all people of village helps each other and have connection with all people, whether it be their festival or any worship they all together gather and celebrate it.
 Also worshipping to bonga for village’s peace, agriculture is done by villagers all together. The organization of Santal’s society is not based on any individuality; it is based on the all people who live in village.
Santal social organization has very interesting characteristics. It contains flexibility in rigidity. Men and Women both are equal in their society and Women are independent.
All of life of villagers revolves around agriculture,  it is the main source of living for them. They do ‘Erok bonga’ a worship to bonga (ultimate form of nature) is done before plantation of crops so that their crops remain healthy and for good production.
The houses in villages are made in a such manner that it cooperates with each houses in linear, also in mid of the village  a wide space is left and ‘Akhra’ is created, it is a place where all people gathered together, they sing ,dance and enjoy all festival together .

Santali social life
Enej(Dance), Santal women dancing together.

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