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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Religious philosophy of Santals | Sarna

Religious Philosophy of Santal | Sarna

Santal have their own religious philosophy where their style of living,tradition, culture belongs from .They follow the Sarna religious belief, which we’ll later tell you about ‘Sarna’ at the end of this post.
Santals are the nature worshipper, they don’t believe in worshipping any idol, statue, shape and temple, assuming the nature as the form of their own life they respect it, worship it, sing for it and dance for it.

The ‘Bonga’ is venerated as the supernatural power that is ultimate form of nature.
In other way they worship and believe in all the natural sources around them who have influence on their living and this is what where they show their gratitude, respect towards nature by worshipping, dancing and singing.
Marang buru,religious philosophy of Sarna

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