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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Dasae dance form

Dasae Dance
Festival of Grief in Santals | Dasae song | Dasae dance

Dasae consists of two words –Dak(rains) and Sae(over) .Which means the festival is celebrated after the rainy season(monsoon) is over. Dasae is festival of grief among Santals. There is a mythology story that tells when our ancestors fought with the Aryans or the Turuk as we used to name them,  always used to lose the battle. Aryans wanted to find out the reason as to why they lost the battle each time they fought with Santalas. Later, they discovered that it was because of two brave women warriors who also fought along with the others, and as a result, Aryans couldn’t beat them. Then Aryan planned a way how to  weaken the Santals in battle. They waited for the right opportunity and when it came, they kidnapped the two brave women warriors – Ayan and Kajal.

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