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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Baha Festival

BAHA’ is  second great and holy festival in SANTAL Tribal. This is performed in the month of phagun (Feb-March) after full moon has cut down by its halfway. This is the time when year changes - past year gone and the New Year knocks. The flowers of Sal, Mahua,Ichak and Murut blossoms.
One shouldn’t taste these flowers before Baha. If anybody dose then,the Naike(Priest) of the village boycotts his

Janthar Bonga

Santal people celebrates Janthar bonga when paddy get ripen, they worship to bongas and acknowledge their gratitude for helping them in good production of crops. Before bringing them to
the house they bring this to sacred ‘Sal’ tree and worship it then later it enables them to take those crop home. That same night, the Nayake(priest) happens to sleep on mate. On the worshipping day,the priest takes the ripen paddy to ‘Jaher than’ where Nayake, Kudam Nayake worship the Marang buru, Jaher Era, Dhorom gosai, Modeku turuyku. Sacrificial of Cock or pig is given and is cooked with cereal of rice and eaten by the villagers
Janthar bonga santal worships when paddy get ripen
Nayake while worshipping

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Sakrat - Santali festival

Sakrat is celebrated by Santal Indigenous people in 14th/15th January.Sakrat is also known as “BarabareDin”. Haku Katom is celebrated one day before the Sakrat. This day is also known as  “HologHurg Mah”( HologHurg Day).In this day People eat Fish+Meat+ Jill Pith(Bread which is made of Rice Flour and Meat) etc. This day people use Mustard oil in Leg,Hand,Stomach etc. Early morning of Sakrat.

jil pitha sakrat
Jil pitha

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Belboron Bonga

Belboron bonga is worshipped by Santals, according to ‘Santal Jom sim’ When human sin increased, The creator of this world made raining of fire  for 12 days and 12 nights to the  ‘Singbir’ and ‘Maanbir’ (Places on Earth) as well as dropped the ‘Puhah’ a type of virus and he decided to end the Human existence .
When this matter came to know to the ‘Thakran’ She said
to Thakur that finishing the existence of human a our creature would only harm us, human are our creature, they are our children and I’ll talk to ‘Litah’ (Maragburu) with regards . Thakran said we both together will show the right path to human.
Belboron bonga santhali worship
Santal People worshiping Belboron

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Mahmore bonga worships : Santali Celebration

Mahmore is celebrated in  villages so that the peace could be rest there and no disease could come across to the villagers . It was held at the Manjhi Than, Jaher Than and kulhi mucha( end part of the village) . The sacrificial of one goat at the Manjhi  than, Kulhi Muchah and sacrifiicial of two goat and one sheep was given at the Jaher than . In form of offerings villagers took cereal of rice and then Karam was worshipped till morning where Guru Baba and local villagers bring braches of Karam tree from forest mountain to the village and worships this . The whole night Karam was praised by Karam Guru .

In the morning, every women in the village worships  the karam. At the end of this celebration, immersion of karam takes place at any pond or river .

Friday, 25 July 2014

Ero Bonga : Santals Worship for Crop

Ero Bonga/Worship


After sprinkling the seeds(Specially paddy and Kharif crop) Santal Indigenous people celebrate the "Erok Puja" on Jaher Than.They give sacrifices of cock.They pray for Good Crop,Adequate Rain in Time from Marang Buru,Jaher Era,Dhorom Gosai,Haram Gosai,Moreku Turuyku etc Boga(God).They also pray for those cow,ox etc good health.

Santals while worshiping

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sohray : Santhali Festival

Sohray: A Santhal festival

Sohray is  one of the biggest Festival among Santhal tribes. It is celebrated when the plantation of crops get done. They celebrate it as the festival named “Sohray” . This festival is celebrated among many communities but a little bit different in the Santhal community. It is because their animal helps them to grow crops in field. Therefore tribes are acknowledging them by this festival.

This festival lasts for three days.
It starts from each and every house. The first day they worship to their ancestors and bongas (sacred spirit). Worship is done in the field.
A egg is placed over the Got tandi where all the animals are taken towards and finally by whom egg is scrambled  the respected animals are being chosen in this way and the owner of that animal now got to pay Handi tukuj (a type of drink by tribal’s made up of rice or can be called "Rice Bear") to villagers in coming year.
Dangiri Khuntaw(Bull fighting by santhal tribe)

since then night people awake the animal by singing and dancing from door to door. It is being continued till  third day.
This practice is called “Gayi Jagaw”

2nd day of sohray people worships their cow-shed. They bring some crops of rice from their field that they have cultivated as it is used in worshiping. After worshiping they tie those plants to animal's horn. And in their worship, Handi is being addressed to their god and ancestors in the name of sohray with praising for everybodys happiness and for a good health for their animals.

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third day is being  celebrated as the last day by khuntaw(this is a practice in which bull is tied up to picket and one man have to fight having the dry leather against bull.It makes the bull angry and result the leather toughly hitted by a angry bull by his horn. This process is repeated over three or more times depending upon the aggressiveness of bull.during this fight a tribal song is being sung over there by playing Tamak and tumda(A tribal music instruments). Having made all this practice getting tired they all finally go to Akhra where they all dance together sing together.

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