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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Baha : Santali Festival

Baha Porob : Santali Festival

Flower of 'Sal' tree.
In Santali ‘Baha’ means flower. Baha is celebrated among Santal when new flowers bloom trees specially on ‘Sal’ tree which is a sacred mark of Santas that they worships.
Baha festival has its special place in Santal Community, they celebrate it with enjoy. This festival longs three days consisting of various tradition to be followed by them. With the priest distributing Sal and Mahua flowers to both men and women, and tribals dancing to drum beats, the colorful festival of ‘Baha’ was celebrated amid traditional gaiety among Santal in month of ‘Kunami’. Please read below to get information about Baha festival that is also in major of festival of Santals.

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