Santhali Film Industries

Santhali  Film industries

Here some pictures have been uploaded  for showing you about santhali film and Industries.

Actress Mis Minu
In Santhali Album: Herem Gabe

A scene taken during the shooting of santhali

Santhali Actor and Actress while shooting at Dimna Lake,Jamshedpur

Cameraman- Ram Hembram and his team

Mr Baden Murmu as Director of this album

A Scene during shooting


                                                              A Scene in Herem Gabe 


  1. sai sai sarhaw...laha adi tabonpe ..we r all with u....

  2. i m ambitious to watching it...........carry on.........

  3. This is for our santhali film directors........why don't you start making any different kind of movie apart from love themes?

    1. Thanks for your concern, actually this is not what we made....this is a production of others. Apart from their many santali movies which has focused on social and tribal issue . Such are 'Sitanala sagun supari, Hay re ari chali,'


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