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Download Chapal Chapal - Santhali Album

Description : Chapal Chapal is a traditional music based Santali album released in 2011, this album finally became most popular santhali songs . All the songs containing in this album are very joyous and extremely liked by Santali's. Soon after releasing of this album the tradition dance become very popular and used to be danced in every joyous ceremony specially in Marriage .
This album brought new variation in santali programmes or events as "Chapol Chapol" took a new form of Santhali Dance Competition.

These days in locally 'Chapol Chapol' Dance is competition is being organised. The dance style of 'Chapol Chapol' is tranditonal based with variants .

Music Director Shyam
Singer Saraswati Hansda, L.R Hansda, Malati, V.N Hansda.
Writer B.N Hansda, Sandip, L.R Hansda
Artist Saikati, V.N Hansda,Saraswati Hansda, L.R Hansda, Saraswati group
Year of Publication 2012
Publication House S.R Music

Aam Do Gate [3GP] [MP4]

Am Ho Chetan Ghat [3GP] [MP4]

Ama Inya Dular Sari [3GP] [MP4]

Gada Ade [3GP] [MP4]

Hante Nate Panja [3GP] [MP4]

Sibil Sagay [3GP] [MP4]

Tikin Beda [3GP] [MP4]

Uku Chuku [3GP] [MP4]

Dobol Kanj Me [3GP]

Hana Reja Katha [3GP]

Hului Hului [3GP]

Jhipir Jhipir [3GP]

Jhipir [3GP]

Joba Mali [3GP]

Oo Gada [3GP]

Aamho Porer [3GP]

Bir Burure [3GP]

Hapese Tigun [3GP]

Hesagh Sakam [3GP]

Hudinj Hudinj [3GP]

Jharkhand Disom [3GP]

Loboy Maragh [3GP]

Sari Sens [3GP]

Daliyam Bamdal [3GP]

Kiya Buru [3GP]

Aamem Hara [3GP]

Janam Linang [3GP]


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