• Sarjom Baha

    Flower of 'Sal' tree, a sacred mark of Santal . Know its significance and religious value .

  • Jaher than

    Jaher Than is a worshipping place, Know its significance and religious value .

  • The Hul: Santal Revolt | Sido-Kanhu

    Hul is the Santal word which means movement of liberation . Know about 'Sido-Kanhu' who lead this great movement.

Mahmore is celebrated in  villages so that the peace could be rest there and no disease could come across to the villagers . It was held at the Manjhi Than, Jaher Than and kulhi mucha( end part of the village) . The sacrificial of one goat at the Manjhi  than, Kulhi Muchah and sacrifiicial of two goat and one sheep was given at the Jaher than . In form of offerings villagers took cereal of rice and then Karam was worshipped till morning where Guru Baba and local villagers bring braches of Karam tree from forest mountain to the village and worships this . The whole night Karam was praised by Karam Guru .

In the morning, every women in the village worships  the karam. At the end of this celebration, immersion of karam takes place at any pond or river .

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"Tribal have just long a history as our own, and while they are less developed than our own in many respects, they are often developed in others."

wrote about Adivasi in Social anthropology(1951)