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Aam Tangi Re : Santali album 2015 | Review

Description : Aam Tangi Re is a santali album which was released in November 2015 . The album comprises 5 songs which are very good to listen, few of songs were modern traditional. Here you can find all those 5 songs of this album and store them on your digital media by just clicking on the download link provided . Not just you can download them but also you can get to know some important related to each songs of this album. The meaning of Aam Tangi Re is 'Waiting for you' .The songs also do the same as the exact name sounds. Additional feature of this Santali website is that now it provides the lyrics of each song for better understanding as well. We've given some preview of each songs so that it helps you to find out whether it seems good for you or not.

aam tangir re santali song
Aam Tangi Re official poster

Din Dinem College em chalak | Download | Lyrics
Dinam Dinge college chalak aa taram pichi monem do chandaya Ae peda mai
peda mai chando  epil leka ge chorok em do Ae pedamai peda mai chando epil 
leka ge chorok em do..[Read More

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