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E-school for learning Santhali Language and Ol chiki .

Now online learning for Santhali Language is possible with effort of Santhal E-disom .

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We're proud to launch our  e-school for entire world to get know about santhali language and culture .

currently version 1.0 is launched we're still uploadin content to our e-school .

Santhal E- disom

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Santhal Sadpa Dance

         A first online E-portal of santhals where it enables you to go through the radiant world of santhals in knowing their culture, society over the internet. Here you will get every information related the most populated and well cultured tribe in the world at India. We "" provides you a way to connect them and knowing them as well as santhal tribal's photos, songs, videos and the information related to santhal, all of these thing you will be getting here......

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