• Sarjom Baha

    Flower of 'Sal' tree, a sacred mark of Santal . Know its significance and religious value .

  • Jaher than

    Jaher Than is a worshipping place, Know its significance and religious value .

  • The Hul: Santal Revolt | Sido-Kanhu

    Hul is the Santal word which means movement of liberation . Know about 'Sido-Kanhu' who leaded this great movement

Numerical in Santali
The Cardinal Numerals -Counting, Numbers

From the Numerical given below, it will be understood that santal count up to the ten and then they add the units to this up to twenty; higher numbers are multiples of twenties, or of tens, adding the necessary units. This is sufficient for the ordinary needs of village life .

11.Gel Mit
12.Gel bar
13.Gel pe
14.Gel pon
15.Gel more( or gel khon more)
16.Gel turui(or gel khon turui)
17.Gel eae (or gel khon eae)
18.Gel iral( or gel khon iral)
19.Gel are(or gel khon are).
20.Gel isi or isia, or bar gel.
21.Mit isi mit( or bar gel mit. Or mit isi khon mit)
22.Mit isi bar ( or bar gel bar etc)

30.Mit isi gel or pe gel.
40.Mit isi or pon gel.
50.Bar isi or  more gel .
60.Bar isi gel or turui gel .
70.Pe isi gel or eae gel .
80.Po nisi or iral gel .
90.Pon isi gel or are gel .
91.Pon is gel mit, or are gel mit, or pon isi khon gel mit, or pon isi ar gel khon mit .

100. More is or mit sae.
146. Eae isi ar turui, or mit sai pon gel turai .
1000. Mit hajar or hajar .
10,000. Qjut or mit Qjut .
100,000 .Lak, or mit lak .

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wrote about Adivasi in Social anthropology(1951)